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Romeo And Juliet

The film begins with a fight. There are two groups who hate each other.
One group was cold Monteque and the Other was Capulet.Romeo, who Is the head person in the film, goes to a party and there
he meet his big love Juliet. But It’s only one little problem,
Juliet’s parents are belong to Capulet and Romeo’s Monteque. But
Romeo and Juliet don’t care they will be married. Romeo does
everything to meat her, he climbs over a big wall. Juliets mother
was angry she doesn’t want to see Romeo and Juliet as a couple ,
because Romeo was a Monteque. She want to see Juliet, and the Capulet
guy, Paris as a couple. But Juliet doesn’t love Paris, she loves Romeo.
Romeo killed Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, as revenge. Romeo goes to the
desert, there he hid him self. Juliet doesn’t want to be married with
Paris, so the day before she married she takes a blue drink. When she
drinks the drink she is just like dead, but she isn’t.
Everybody think she is dead, only Lorentzo know the truth, and he
send a paper with the truth to Romeo. But Romeo doesn’t get the paper.
And Romeo’s friend sees Juliet when she is dead, and he goes to the
desert, there Romeo is, to tell him the bad news. Romeo starts to cry
when he thought she was dead, and later he goes in to the town and
there he buys poison of a man so he could take his own life…
He goes to the church and there he finds Juliet, she looks just
like she was dead, and Romeo says some words to her and than he takes
the poison. And when he had take the poison Juliet wakes up, but it
was to late, Romeo was soon dead. Juliet start to cry and she take
Romeo’s gun and take her life.

I don’t like the film very much it was to much love, and the and of
the film was very ridicules. I think the film is more for girls than

Romeo And Juliet , 1.8 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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