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Broadening to the mind.Preface What do you think of when I say Scotland? There is a big chance you will say something like: Lochness, St Andrews Golf court, bagpipes, Whiskey and mayby if you’r a sport fan; Glasgow Rangers.

But Scotland is so much more. Scotland has a very interesting history if you look back as far as to the 16th or even 8th century. And the interesting thing is that Scotlands history doesn’t in any way look as any other countries histories. Take for an example Sweden, we where very influenced by the French way of living in the period as a great power. But Scotland on the other hand where a kind of isolated and didn’t take place in so many European conflicts by this time. And it’s therefore I find a big charm and a big challenge in exploring the Scottish history.

Departed Glory The history of Scotland Scotland has not always been a part of Great Britain as it is today. The first rightful ruler of Scotland was Kenneth I in 843. Before this was the Cristian church and a couple of various clans the rulers of Scotland. But the people of Scotland, the Scotts, has always tried to break free from thier rulers and this is why the Romans never really could conquer the whole Island in the year of 43 a.c.

Scotland has allways had something called clans. The word clan means family an a clan can be very big. The diffrent clans have always fighted a war against each other but Scotland has also fighted a war against England a numberous of times. Scotland always tried to get support from France in the war against England. But that only ended up in that England won more and more French territory each time.


Scotland has always been famous for its highland. The highlands consists of a very changing landscape with mountains up to 1500 metres high. The costline on the other hand, is very flat. It’s on theese flat shores the Scots practise their national sport, golf. Scotland has the oldest golf courses in the world even if the chineese claim to have invented the game first. The most famous golf court is the St. Andrews Court on the east coast about 50 kilometres north east of the Scottish capital; Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the scottish city for the wealthier people and it has about 500.00 citizens. But Edinburgh isn’t the biggest city in Scotland. The biggest city is Glasgow with about 1 million citizens. Glasgow is considered to be the workers city, it’s very dirty because of all the coal mines and coal driven power plants that surrounds the city. Many of the citizens of Glasgow works in the coal mines just outside the city. The most people live in the big towns but Scotland has a very charming culture of farmers living in the countryside. The most common cattle is just like in Irland the sheep. They walk where they want and you can almost spot them everywhere if you travel on the small roads besides the motorway. Scotland has an area of 79.000 square kilometres (Sweden 449.750 square kilometres) and about 5.2 million inhabitants. The weather in Scotland is often cold and rainy, just like the English weather. And the summer isn’t much better than an ordinary Swedish Autumn.

Did you know?

The Scots also have a very bad habit, just like the Russians have their Vodka, the Scots have their Whiskey. By the way, the word Whiskey is celtic and means “the water of life”. There are two sorts of scotch whiskey: malt and grain. The Scots drink both in large quantities. This might be the answer on why the Scots have their red noses.

But the most famous thing in Scotland must be the bagpipe. This old instrument that we think sound so false was used by the clan leaders to prove their status. They used it on the battle fields and each clan had their own song. This song was played under battle as a thing to be proude of and had a positive influence on the fighting spirit. The bagpipe was, and still is, often used with a special type of clothing, the kilt. The kilt is a sort of skirt but only men wears it. The diffrent klans had their own sort of pattern on their kilts. Just like our uniforms today.

This text was written by Esbjörn D.K. Gullhamn Nv1e Rinmansskolan as a realia-essay in English.

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