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The American history

Ämne: Engelska, Historia
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The New World was discovered in the late 13TH century and in the beginning of 1500 the colonization started. The American history starts at july 1776 when the congress in Philadelphia issued “the declaration of independence” during the war against the Brittish. The war was over by the end of 1783, the United states of Ameica was founded as a republic and George Washington became it´s first president. During the 1800 the overpopulated eastern states forced many to settle, the nearly unexplored west and many new states was founded. With a high birthrate and a heavy immigration from Europe the nations population leaped up from 9.6 million in 1820 to 23 million in 1850 and 31.5 million in the 1860. In the 1850 a conflict started between the southern and the northern states, many, yankees was angered because the southern states had black slaves. And the southern were irritaded on the yanks interference . When Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 eleven southern states leaved the union to form “the Confederate States of America and the Civil war begun. In the beginning the South was victorious but the north was more powerful and defeated the south in four years. After the war the industry started to expand quickly and the search for minerals and raw material started. When the first world war broke out in Europe 1914 Americans tried to bring peace in Europe but with a failure, in 1917 USA entered the war on the Allies side and by the end of 1918 the war was won. After the Great war it became worse and in 1929 the stockmarket crashed and the nation sunk into a deep depression. When Hitler started the second worldwar the US was neutral at first but after the japaneese attack on Perarl Harbor the US found them selves onceagain fighting against Japan and Germany. The war was over with a victory for the allies, but shortly after, a conflict with the Soviet Union started and the cold war had begun. In june 1950 norh Korea attacked south Korea with help from China. Together with UN USA defended the south and after three years of war, the fighting ended with 150000 casualties for the US and millions of dead among the communists
without the border had been changed at all. In 1965 the USA was in vietnam again figthing against the comunists and this war continued for nine years, with a defeat for the US. The cold war ended as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989. In the middle of 1991 when Iraq attacked Kuwait the US interfered again and protected kuwait from Iraq which was completely defeated.

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