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The Green party


The Green party was founded in September 1981. One of the reasons was the problems in the environment.

1988 was the first time “the greens” got into parliament, that time they gained 5.5 % of the votes and that made them 20 seats.

But in the parliament election in 1991 they didn’t get enough of the votes (under 4 %) so they weren’t allowed to be in the parliament. Three years after that they were back and this time they gained 5 % of the vote.

This year they gained 4.5 % of the votes and they are still in the parliament.

Party leaders

The Green party has “spokespersons” instead of one party leader; a man Birger Schlaug, and a women Marianne Samuelsson because they stand for equality between the sexes.


The Green party want to leave EU. They want a new referendum about membership. At the same time they’re working to make EU better.


The Green party want to have smaller schools, smaller classes and they also want to have more teachers per class.

The Greens also want take away grades from school. The high schools present grade system will be replaced by “approved” and “not approved”.

They also want to have a more flexible school start, wouldn’t mater if you began school at 6, 7 or 8 years old.


“The Greens” advocate a clean environment. They want to have cheaper public transport, for example bus and trains and want it to be more expensive to drive cars because it’s more dangerous for the environment.

They also want ecologically grown food to be cheaper than sprayed food.


The green party demands that all people who come to Sweden have a right to integrate. They want an integration plan to be drawn up.

The green party also want Sweden to help refugees in need in the best way.

Fundamental ideas

The Greens party’s fundamental ideas are:

• Solidarity with animals, nature and the ecological system.
• Solidarity with coming generations.
• Solidarity with the people of the world.
• Solidarity with people of our own country.

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