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The Music Story- Daggmask

I’m a boy named Robin. I’m 14 years old, and I love all sorts of electronic music. I have my own keyboard at home. My mom and dad say that I’m a good player on it. They think I can be a great player one day. I don’t think I’m going to be that popular, but I hope I can release an album. This day I just sat down with my computer. I was bored, so I tried to write some music. I was almost so bored that I just was clicking everywhere on the screen. I sat down with my keyboard and played it. I got a bit happy now. It was so bright tones on this song. I was in heaven when I played this song. How the fuck could I write this good music? I posted the song to some of my friends I had on the computer. They said that the song was great and was going to send it to their mp3 player so they could listen to it. They got happy when they were listening to it. I got so happy I could do people happy.
Three days later it came a big black guy in black. He said he heard it was I who wrote Daggmask. I invited him on some milk and bread. He wanted to be my manager if he got 30% of the money I make. He promised I could do millions on this thing. I took him directly. He gave me 30 000 dollars and said he is going to be back in a week. I got so chocked. This isn’t true. I looked at my 30 000 dollars and thought about what he told me. I am going to do millions on this shit. I am going to buy a big white house just beside the ocean. I am going to buy a big stereo so I can dance to Daggmask. The best stereo in the world.
I called my friend Mike and asked him if wanted to go out and shop. He told me that he don’t shop if he don’t have at least 1000 dollar. I told him he could have five. He got just as chocked as I got. We gone out to the city of New York and Bought a Limousine for the rest of the day. We bought a computer and clothes and some other cool stuff. My mom thought I was a drug dealer when I got home with all this stuff. I showed her the contract I wrote on and she just jumped up and down. I said I promise her a big White house at the Ocean. She said she was so proud over me.
When I got to school the next day, everybody wanted to hang out with me. They invited me to parties and some stuff like that. One person asked me if I wanted to follow him to Europe for some weeks. It was so cool to be this popular. They played Daggmask In the stereos in the corridor. From now, they were going to have respect for me! Just me!
One week later the big guy in black came back. He took me to a studio. He said I must play as good I can now, cause this is going to be a big hit. We were in the studio in 7 hours before I could play it so perfect so they liked it. I went home for a shower. The next day I was going to be in newspaper. My cede release is in two days, everything gone so fast.
My boss called me the next day and said I must take a plane to New York today! I had a meet with letterman in TV. It was so cool. I must stay in New York for two weeks. I was going to be on a stage and play into 25000 people and stuff like that. I had so many fans. I got on the plan at 15,32. I was so afraid to be in a plane. They started the plane, and so far it was ok. When we were up in the sky my boss asked me if I was afraid. When I said I was very afraid, he said to girl who worked there to get some food for me. I got some chicken and French fries. It tasted good and it was ok. I watched on television the whole way. After 3 hours they turned off the television and screamed in the speakers. “Take on the gasmask and the belt. There are a lifejacket under the seat” We did all that they said, and then the plan turned right down with the plane. There was little island right under us. I was so afraid right now. We are going to die now. I said some word to good, and then I just saw some fire, then I didn’t saw more. I was dead.

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