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The Redwood Trees

Ämne: Biologi, Engelska
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The Redwood Trees grows from south oregano to central california. the trees are very tall, the tallest trees have grown up to 112 metres, but they often grow up to 30 – 90 metres. The trees have a diameter of 7,5 metres and they live for aproxmatly 2500 years. The biggest tree in the redwood national park is so big that you can drive a carr through it easily.The trees that are used to cut down are done so after 40 years. The redwood trees are very hard and suitable for building things with. the oldest redwood trees are kept in national parks and therefor protected.

The old redwood trees have burning marks and also the quite young trees have burning marks, theese marks are in the beginning done by mother nature but the scientist have found that the trees are in need of burning, when the flames rises the trees will live but all the other plants and trees will burn up, making the trees the only one to survive, when the humans found the redwood trees they kept the fire from the trees and soon they did´nt fell well so from now on the people that work at nationalparks set fire on the trees so they will feel better.

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Betygsätt The Redwood Trees

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