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The Swedish weapon export must stop

The South African government is today willing to buy the Swedish JAS-aircraft. This has caused a debate throughout the country. Is it right to produce and export weapons when we know that it will lead to tragedy, misery and death. Should not Sweden set an example for other countries? We can not tell other countries not to fight when we export weapons to them. What will happen if we do not stop this mass industry of weapons? Of course this is a big question, not only for Sweden, but also for the whole world. Nobody wants to face another world war. The weapons export is entirely immoral, especially the export to the poor countries. At the moment the negotiations with South Africa are almost completed. We know that it is a country with huge problems. Almost one fifth of the population is suffering from Aids, the share of unemployed and homeless people is increasing and some people lack of food or water for the day. Despite those obvious problems we want to sell our expensive military aircraft to them. But the question is whether the majority of the people living in South Africa want to spend such an enormous amount of money on something that will only cause a lower standard of living and a higher risk for wars? When the surrounding countries see that their neighbour arms for war they will do the same. And if these countries get into a conflict with each other the outcome will be much more dangerous with advanced weapons.

Sweden claims to be a neutral country. That is hard to believe when we see what we have done and still are doing. In the 1980′s Sweden was shaken by the big scandal of Bofors. The Swedish company sold weapons to poor countries via Singapore. We know that the weapons are used to kill and destroy. Can a country like Sweden justify the export of these killing machines to other countries, both poor and rich? You can not criticise countries having wars when you export weapons. It is the same kind of double standard of moral that we had during the Second World War. We claimed that we were neutral at the same time as we transported iron ore to Germany and allowed their soldiers to travel through the country. Then we could at least blame it on our fear to be invaded, today we do not have that pressure. We should show that Sweden is a country with a high moral with interest to make the world peaceful, not only with words but by action.

Sweden is a small country up in the north and we do not have big influence on the big countries like USA, Russia, China and France. Not only Sweden, but all countries must stop the export and import of weapons to prevent an other world war. We have all read about the arm race between USA and Russia during the cold war and we don’t want that to happen again. The more countries get access to dangerous weapons the more disastrous a false step will be. It is not the war itself that is dangerous, it is the weapons in the wars that cause suffering and misery. But we guess a world without weapons is just a dream that never will come true…

As long as there have been humans on this earth there has been fighting and wars. Even animals fight. Is it not natural for people to make war? Who says that things are good just because we have always done them? Can you, as an individual person, justify that you overconsume water everyday just because you have always done it? It will always be fights among humans but there are better ways of solving problems then starting wars. Different from the animals the human being is endowed with a superior intellect and a good speaking ability. It is a riddle that we are doing the same mistakes over and over again.

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