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The world in my eyes

Every single day people in the whole world are talking about all the problems the world has today and what we can do about it. The scientists come with ideas and proposals that really can work. But what good does it do if a few people start taking the bike to work, take a second look where the food they buy come from and sorts their garbages carefully? It doesn’t do any good at all if not every single one of us does the same. Now it sounds like I think that we aren’t trying at all, well we are. But I’m just saying that there are way to many people that don’t care as much as they should. One human can’t make a difference, neither can 10 000 humans, but if we all start cooperate we can put a stop for these problems.In China it makes thousands new cars and vehicles every day. How good is that for the environment? You can’t say that it doesn’t make a difference when it come to all of Chinas inhabitants. How motivated are we to think of what’s best for our nature, when it every day leaks out so much gases like it does in China? Because China and India have most inhabitants in the world I think that they must show bigger involvement than they do now, to help our planet. I’m not just blaming China and India, but my point is that they have bigger responsibility because they take out such a big place of the world.

But I think that there’s one good thing that comes with the global warming.
Because it gets warmer in the whole world, there will be bigger cultivation possibilities and with that the famine will decrease while the world heats up, but hardly noticeable at all.
So for a time there will be for our joy in some parts of the world. But the North Pole wont stay cold forever if the heat goes on and that wont be good for us in the north.
The North Pole will start melting, it’s just a matter of time, and that’s not something I like to think about. My family and me won’t get hurt at the moment, but what about my kids? And their kids, and so on. What will happen to them? That’s what’s really concerns me.

Back to the famine, that should concern the whole world because it takes out some really big parts of it. Just the thought of all the children that wake up in the morning wondering if they are going to get something to eat or even make it trough the day, makes me feel really bad.
Those who have it a little bit better should think about those kids when we complains at the food our mother made, screams on our father because we can’t have that special shirt and just being ungrateful general. I’m sorry to say that I don’t know a lot of children that appreciate their lives and all the things around it. I can’t say that I’m any better either.

Not one of us would suffer if we woke up next morning and was just a little bit poorer because we gave a very small amount of our money to someone who needs it better. To someone that doesn’t have enough food or clean and fresh water just a second away. Because even a small amount for those who has it hard to make it true the day can do so much. It’s just up to us to sacrifice those little things we don’t really need to make the world a better place for them, they need us.

In this Essay I have chosen to write my opinions of some of the problems in this world.
Maybe my ideas are very hard to live up to, but you can always try, cant you?

Elin Långström Persson

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