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To get old

Are you afraid of getting old? Why are you afraid of getting old? What does it mean to get old for you? Maybe getting old is nothing you want to think about, because that is in many people eyes something bad. But maybe it is not so bad that many people think, maybe we can influence our own future, if we just start to think about it. In this text I want to make the pessimistic person understand some good parts of getting old and that everyone can do something to change their own and maybe other people’s future. In the same time I want to make the indifferent person start to think and help to change the community to get better in the future.Many people don’t want to think about that they some day will get old. People don’t talk about it, they can do everything to hide their ages and are not thinking about that they maybe can do something about it, already today, instead of hide their age behind a mask. The thought of being old for some people is the same thing as being dead, alive. That you will lie in an empty room on your own, stare in the wall and wait for your death. That they have nothing to do, being sick, need help on bathroom and in the shower of people they hardly know and eat bad, disgusting food cause they can’t cook and their own.

This world also exists of people that long of getting old, people that see it as a time to have some rest, have time to take care of them selves and enjoy their own hobbies. Of course this can be a bad thing as well, in one way, because some people work very hard and maybe saving all their possible travel plans to this age. It is very important with rest in the young age to of course. But people can long to this time to maybe get some grandchildren to spoil with sweets and some extra love.

If you want to get pleasure in your time as old and make it to a good period of your life, you should begin already today. So how can you influence your future? We start with the psychical parts, first of all, and maybe the most important, have a good attitude to it. See it in the good ways, dream about how you want it to be. What do you want to do when you get old? You have spare time to use. You just have to decide what to do about it, start already today, all people need a hobby always. We feel good of it, have something to do that we really like. If you already have one, try to find some more, if you don’t, take your time to find something that you like. It is important to never stop live, to never “accept” that the life is “over”. Do things all the time, learn things all the time, no one gets to old to learn stuff.

Physical it is important to be healthy, that is of course also a point that makes you feel good anytime in your life and if you haven’t started yet, you better start now. Training makes your body stronger and shaper now and also going to influence your health in the future. To exercise, eat right and avoid allot of stress you getting a better immunity system and will be spirited longer in your life. It is never too late to begin a healthy life and take care of your body, change the bad parts to good parts and get a better conscience.

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