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When hockey came to the village

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The history of Leksand is a history which is taken from the record- magazine. The team cultivated already 1919 and the goal was to play bandy and boxing. The new sport inaugurated and after a few years was it time for local match against Mora, and Leksand prosper to win the match with 4-0.

1936 was a dark year for Leksand. The team won only one point on the heal season. Something most be done. The committee decision to stop working with bandy and start playing hockey. 1938 was it time for Mora to get a revenge for the ignominious loss a few years earlier. But Leksand played god and they won the match with 11-0!

The big profile on that time was Åke Lassas. On the picture under here is Åke standing to left, together with Begnt Bornström, Lollo Lassas and Gunnar Jönses. Åke had he’s debut 1940 and he played as far as 1965. He played in Leksand when they won over Wifsta/Östrand with 9-6. It was 1951 and that meant that Leksand taken the step up in the highest division. And they have never been put out.

In the fifties was the matches against Södertälje SK a classic. 1959 was the first time Leksand have chance to be the Swedish champions. They played against Djurgården. The interest was enormous. The match was popular. Between 12 and 14 thousand persons was there. Leksand open the match best and did the first goal. But Djurgården improved themselves and could do 3 goals and win the match with 3-1. Leksand taken the silver, but first ten years later could Leksand win their first gold.

Leksand Stars golden years

When Leksand 1969 won their first gold was one of the big profile Nisse Nilsson. Nisse was with and take the World Championship gold 1962.

1973 begin the “real” golden years, they took the gold three years in a row. 1973 played Leksand final against Brynäs and Leksand win the match and token their second gold. One big profile under that three years was Per Arne Karlström. Other good players on that time was Mats Ålberg, Dan Söderström, Ulf Mårtensson and Dan Labraaten.

Under the season 1973/74 was Leksand superior and Leksand could take their 3 rd gold without trouble. The best player in the final was the defence Thommy and the goalkeeper Christer.

1975 played Leksand final against Brynäs. It was the third and decision match. After full time the result was 2-2. Roland Eriksson could do the decide goal in Sudden Death, and the gold was a fact.

Since 1975 have Leksand never take the gold, but maybe next season…

The pro players from Leksand

Per Arne “Pirro” Alexsandersson: Spent the season 1974/75 in Toronto Maple Leafs, but he was not good enough so the most of the time spent he in a lower division.

Christer Abrahamsson: 1974 became Christer a professional hockeyplayer. He played for the WHA team New England Whalers. He stayed there for three seasons and then he went home to Sweden and played more icehockey, for Leksand of course.

Thommy Abrahamsson: Just as he’s brother went Thommy to North America. And also he played for New England Whalers even he stayed there for three years.

Dan Labraaten: 1976 begin Dan to play for the WHA team Winnipeg Jets there he bin the best player. When the team shut down in the end of the 70´ begin Dan to play for the big team Detroit Red Wings. He played in the same line as Del McCourt and Vaclav Nedomansky. Together did they near 100 goals. Dan stayed in North America for 6 seasons.

Roland Eriksson: The hero from the SM-final 1975 grown to a professional hockey player and begin to play for Minnesota North Stars 1976, there he stayed for 2 seasons. After the to years in Minnesota went Roland to Germany and played for Dusseldorf.

Göran Högosta: After World Championship in Wien begin Göran to play for New York Islanders. But he was not good enough so the most of the time spent he on the bench. But Göran grown to a better hockey player and he’s last season in New York Islanders was approved.

Per-Olof Brasar: After World Championship in Wien 1977 begin Brasar to play for Minnesota North Stars. he played in the same line as Roland Eriksson and Kent- Erik Andersson. When Per- Olof played he’s 2´nd season in Minnesota North Stars got he the distinction ” Greatest Player of the season”. Totally played he 5 seasons in NHL, end then he begin with trotting.

Ulf Samuelsson: Even called Robocop because he’s tough playing. In the middles of the 80´s begin Ulf to play for the NHL team Hartford Whalers. After a few years changed Ulf team and begin to play for Pittsburgh Penguins. And he won Stanley cup. And now played Ulf for New York Rangers.

Kjell Samuelsson: When Kjell played in New York Rangers 1985, was he not so good. But he start to be better when he changed team to Philadelphia Flyers, and after a few years he was the best player in the team. In the end of the 80´s was Kjell with and played in All Star Team together with the big stars.

Jonas Bergqvist: “Mr Leksand” had a brief NHL career. Under the autumn 1989 played Jonas for Calgary Flames. But Jonas was not good enough so the most of the time spent he in a lower division, and Jonas don’t like that so he went to Germany under a few month and than he went home to Sweden and played hockey for Leksand.

Magnus Svensson: Magnus professional career begin 1990. He played for Lugano, in Switzerland. After a year went he back to Leksand. And in Mars 94 went Magnus back to Lugano. And the spring 95 went he over to North America And start to play for Florida Panthers. But he had bad luck, after 2 seasons get he injured. 1996 turn he back to Sweden and to Leksand.

Tomas Forslund: Tomas is born in Borlänge. He first professional team was HC Dobel but later start he to play hockey in North America, he played for Calgary Flames. For a few years ago he played in Leksand but now played he in Köln.

The Old Timers

Tomas Jonsson, defense. Born: 12 April 1960 Length: 181 cm Weight: 82 kg Age: 37 A- Seasons in Leksand: 7 First team: Falu IF Elit statistics: 336 games, 213 points, 511 penalty minutes Tomas is: Glad, positive and obstinate

Magnus Svensson, defense Born: 1 mars 1963 Length: 180 cm Weight: 85 kg Age: 34 A- Seasons in Leksand: 11 First team: Tranås IF Elit statistics: 342 games, 220 points, 352 penalty minutes Magnus is: A winner, and he also nice.

Jonas Bergqvist, Forward Born: 26 September 1962 Length: 183 cm Weight: 90 kg Age: 34 soon 35 A- Seasons in Leksand: 13 First team: Rögle BK Elit statistics: 433 games, 348 points, 292 penalty minutes Jonas is: Positive, productive and romantic

Per- Erik Eklund, forward Born: 22 mars 1962 Length: 178 cm Weight: 81 kg Age: 34 A- Seasons in Leksand: 2 First team: Brommapojkarna Elit statistics: 188 games, 178 points, 68 penalty minutes Per Erik is: Nice, humble he had bad memory

Anders Carlsson, forward Born: 25 November 1962 Length: 180 cm Weight: 87 kg Age: 36 soon 37 A- Seasons in Leksand: 1 First team: Gävle Godtemplare Elit statistics: 188 games, 178 points, 68 penalty minutes Anders is: Obstinate, positive and he love kids

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