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William Bill H. Gates

Bill Gates is the man behind Microsoft coroporation, the leading provider of computer software for personal computers.Gates was born on October 28, 1955. He and his two sisters grew up in Seattle. Their father William H. Gates II, was and still is a Seattle attorney.
Gates attended public elementary school and a later on a private school.
On the privat school he began programing software for computers. At the private school the he made timetables. This was when he was only 13 years old.

In 1973, when Gates was 18 years old, he entered Harvard university. In the years of Havard Gates came in contact with a new computer wich any person could buy, well that was what they said anyway.
In 1975 Gates dropped out of school to devote his life to the computers. He started a company called Microsoft the same year. He saw his chance, when anybody could buy a computer he also thought that anyone should be able to use them. Bill Gates and Microsoft made their first product, they developed the computer languade called BASIC and made it more advanced but still more simple. In 1980 the big computer company IBM asked Gates to help them with their operation system for their personal computers. He made Microsoft diskoperation system, MS-DOS. Over 2 millions of copies were sold of MS-DOS by 1984 and by 1990 Microsoft had sold over one hundred million copies.
In 1986 Microsoft introduced their next giant product, it was called Windows and was the easiest operating system on the market. Their next product was Windows 95 wich was realesed in 1995, later on came Windows 98 the newest OS from Microsoft is called Windows 2000.

In 1999 Bill Gates published his first book. The name is ” Buisness @ the speed of thought” and it became a bestseller almost stright away. It is about have companies should use computers and new technology to adapt to the new digital society. All of the money Bill Gates earned from selling the book he gave away for charity.

Almost every computer in the world are using a product made by Microsoft today. Their operation systems is their biggest products but they also make other programs like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

The internet explorer monopoly issue

There has been alot of talk about Microsoft having a monopoly and are making it hard for other companies to grow. And all of this is true. Microsoft is a big company and almost have monopoly. In 1991 the Us government started investigating Microsoft and found that the company was so big that their was no room for competition in the computer buisness. In 1994 Microsoft promised to give the other computer companies in the computer buissness more oppertunities for competition. The same year a comany called Netscape realeses their browser called Navigater (A browser is the computer program that we use when we surf the word wide web on the internet). The following year microsoft realeses their own browser wich is called Internet Explorer. Internet explorer is inigrated in their operation system. And since the most computer users use microsofts operating system windows they can´t choose not too use it. When they did this the ministry of justice in the united states sued Microsoft becouse they broke their promise from 1994.
In 1998 the ministry of justice and 19 american states sues microsoft for using their monopoly too beat Netscape in the competition. And yesterday Microsoft was found guilty. Bill Gates have said yestarday that microsoft intend to keep on having Explorer integrated in their upcoming OS. And yesterday before the verdict came the share price of microsoft sunk very much, and Bill Gates lost a lot of money. The money he lost would have been almost 90 billions if hey were swedish crowns.

The richest man alive

As you might know already Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He actually has $102.129000 billion. He earns $160 per second. $580,000 per hour. And lets just say for a second that Bill Gates was a country. Then he would be the 42d richest country in the world. Another intresting number is, that if you put all of Bill Gates monies in one dollar bills, end to end, then you the length of it would reach to the moon 14 times!

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